NBCU-owned Rotten Tomatoes launches a streaming channel, currently available on The Roku Channel and which will later expand to Peacock and Comcast’s Xumo


“Versus,” which uses Tomatometer ratings, box office figures, and other metrics to settle the biggest movie and TV debates of all time; “Oral History,” which examines movies, shows, and franchises from the perspectives of their creators; and “Aftershow” (shown above), in which moviegoers, critics, and industry insiders discuss some of the most significant films of recent memory.

Warner Bros. sold the reviews aggregation website to Fandango in 2016, however Warner Bros. still owns a 25% share in Rotten Tomatoes.

In recent years, Rotten Tomatoes has continued to make changes to its methodology in an effort to build a more diverse pool of reviewers in response to criticism over the lack of diversity in the critics it utilises to compute ratings.