World of Warcraft: how to control aggression in combat


If you die, you won’t be able to deal damage. This immortal truth is confirmed by many deaths in all stages of the game in WoW. Of course, resetting the aggro is the ideal solution, especially if you have something to do with it.

  • Invisibility or mirror image for mages
  • Disappearance or feint from rogues
  • Hiding in the shadows of the priests
  • Play dead with hunters
  • Move back at the druids
  • Soul Cleave or Soul Stone for warlocks
  • Wind Shock or Shaman Reincarnation

If you can reset the aggro, do it! There may not be another opportunity (especially for shamans).

In addition, it makes sense to raise the aggro of the tank in all available ways if your raid constantly rests on the ceiling and cannot properly damage:

  • Redirect hunters
  • Little tricks of the robbers

All you need to master tanking is to collect the right equipment and walk like heroes. You can try these tricks in the newest Dragonlight, released in November 2022, or on the elder versions of the game. Good luck!